Steve Sonday

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Steve Sonday’s Outta Site!

Welcome to Steve Sonday’s Outta Website. Do you crave the irreverent, the socially unacceptable, the blasphemous? You like lobster sandwiches? Well, you’re in the right place! If you don’t go for that good stuff, immediately slap your mouse back to your porn site.

The Outta Site is a marriage of jazz and social commentary with links to all kinds of interesting music. The featured CD selections are from Steve's album Lawdy! all laundry-penned on pre-stretched boat canvas by Mr. Sonday, himself. Along with the barbed lyrics, you'll hear the tunes performed by a bunch of great jazz players. Also featured on the Outta Site is the verse of Carl Sandbox, poet laureate of East Jesus, Arkansas, recently voted by The Amalgamated Goody Two-Shoes Institute of America as "Least likely to be Recommended by Oprah."

Oh, yeah, if you find any of the poetry or music lyrics offensive, you're supposed to. If you don't, there's probably something wrong with you. And speaking of offensive, should you desire an original composition to bash that special somebody at his retirement roast, sign on the dotted e-mail and within a working week for a nominal fee, it's yours!

The content of the Outta Site is NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN, even that foulmouthed Ritalin-puker next door who took the axe to the babysitter. Sure, we know every 12-year-old's seen a dozen videos of Paris Hilton waxing the walrus, but that's between Paris and the virgo intacta set over at The Family Research Council. (Yeah, we know it's also between Paris and the walrus.) So, beat it, kid! Get the hell outta here!

Direct all threats and hate mail to the law infirm of Rubble & Debris, LLP.

So What's New?

Jews for Jesus New CD!  Read all about it!

Vatican Castrato Scandal!

The jazz side of Britney Spears!  Check it out!

Mozart Scandal!

Hey, you hear about Brahms?

The Outta Site
Movie of the Week!

Three Slathers for sister's Salami

The touching story of how Hellman Keller, born with no taste, persevered with his mayonaise company to take his place among the greats of the condiment world.
Features the hit song "Slap This on Your Baloney, Big Boy!"